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*yay* finally , after being uncreative in that way for so long *SHAMEONME* , I really came around to write something to the trigger from Dezember ... em , yeah , look how fast she is ... anyway , may I present:
The day Ele went mental

When Ele tiptoed down the mud
she found a fiery, firey bud
and as she touched the touchy bloom
it hit a trebly, troubly zoom.
The maid, connected to the flower,
now was struck by visionpower.
Eleven wee elves, dancing around
on a jelly-yellowy ground.
Rigid and marveled Ele there stood
on her now twitching, tripping food.
Forty steps she had to take
and felt that she, for her own sake,
in the round dance must enqueue.
It was pivotal, she that knew.
But as she neared herself to those
merry midgets, she heared vows,
they cried so happy in the day
without a sign of thought-delay.
Chastity, fidelity, secrecy and silence
in between, occasionly, violence.
What came to mind they shouted out
“A vow”, they said,”must be loud!”
And Ele, our thoughtful child
decided here to go once wild.
“When others can so swaer by heart,
I wont give a goddamn fart !”
So, as she had no idea,
what to swear, she saw via
visionpower her old granny
that was ancient, but had many
kids brought up in her life
and has been a graceful wive.
She thought it was a funny aim
to dance with elves around and claim
that she desires children nine,
swore to bear them whithout whine.
Oh, how stupid Ele was
to confirm an oath so grizzy gross!
As soon as she had spoken out
her vow, she lost the crowd
of elves on yellow ground,
a dead flower she but found.
“A dream”, she thought with glee,
“couldn`t `ve been so silly me.
Men and kids and all that stuff
aren`t things for my dear ruff.”
And so she ditched the blissful day
out off her mind and off the way
until years later when she found
another tulip on the ground.
The power and the elves appeared,
but this time it went fairly weird.
They were male and they were nine
and they looked – oh me dear - divine !
But Ele didn`t think so bright,
she thought different by the sight
off her memory that hit
the now regretting, begone twit.
A vow, she had to learn by now,
wasn`t but a dancy show.
And so she faced her destiny,
her last thoughts were without glee:
“Execrated be the day
when I went mental in this way!”

(as always, please let me know about lingual mistakes!)



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