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... shall be a trigger word, for it seems suitable.
Timeframe ? I think end of the month, or even after should do.
Are yous still alive ?

Blog objective: Put your body in that of an inanimate object. Choose one that already exists or make one up, and then describe yourself.

The result:

When I was a Teddybear,
I was not cute,
I had just one ear,
Was owned by a brute.

When I was a Teddybear,
I wore no gown,
My fur was burned black,
Before, it was brown.

When I was a Teddybear,
I tried to get lost,
But was always returned,
After nights in the frost.

My owner grew older,
Lost interest in games,
Put me up on the shelf,
Stopped calling me names.

Ugly, I sat there,
The torture had stopped,
This was OK for me,
I wouldn`t have sobbed.

One day , however,
A knock at the door,
A charity collector
Looking for more.

The now grown up bastard,
Greedy as he was,
Grabbed me from the shelf,
Not feeling the loss.

Together with all
The unwanted things
I was shipped away
To where the lion sings.

There I was lying
In the sun, in a sack,
Had one missing ear
And my fur was black.

And while I was reflecting
How wrong my life went,
I heard a little squeek
and was grabbed by a hand.

The little hand
Was black like me,
The boy was one-eared
He smiled with glee.

"I will call him Baba
and he is my friend!"
The boy was so happy,
There was no pretend

And as he was grinning,
So was I inside,
The once ugly Teddybear
Is now "Baba" in pride.

Date: 2009-10-22 02:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daniellelavigne.livejournal.com
Fantastic piece, love! Such a beautiful ending. Looking forward to trying to be part of this. :)

I have an idea for mine, so we'll see how it goes! I give me a week.



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