Aug. 19th, 2005

[identity profile], let's get this thing going then, shall we?

So...found out about this place during a conversation with [profile] _wirehead_ - the idea, insofar as I understand it, is that people suggest a topic/idea/etc and then we all have a week to create something around it... be it drawing, painting, short story, poem, anything... and post it to the community.

As someone who generally appreciates a kick in the pants to get around to doing stuff, I thought this might be at the least an interesting experiement, or ideally even a regular thing...not sure how I feel about having a week to do stuff, though...
- on the one hand, it seems like a long time, if you come up with a spontaneous idea, to hold onto it and actually get around to remembering to post something...although I suspect that could be just me...
- on the other hand, most of what little creative energy I have these days goes into oil painting, which is not the best medium for rapid progress...

So, considering my drawing skills are atrophied beyond belief these days, and as far as writing goes, I think I've been suffering a block since about the mid-90s ;p, it's quite possible that my contributions will be limited to pretty tentative/abstract oil sketches...but you'll take them and like them, or else...ahem...or else critique them in a constructive and helpful manner, that is...obviously...ahem.

OK - topic...

I'm gonna cheat a bit here, but only because it will at least get things started...I already have a painting started that I'm gonna post as my next's probably as finished as it's getting, in any case, and I'm supposed to be giving it to somebody soon, if they're still willing to accept it...anyway, the topic of the painting (and, unusually for me, in a relatively obvious manner)




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