Aug. 23rd, 2005

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All right, here's my first submission for the subject of -TIME-. I hope everyone enjoys, this was kind of a free-write and I'm not sure if I should expand on this. It's getting to the point that whenever I start seriously writing, I end up worrying about whether or not I'm ripping off one of my favorite writers shamelessly so if it isn't Philip K. Dick, it's Rod Serling, or perhaps I'm reading too much William Burroughs and Anais Nin. Err... anyway, here it goes...


The observational booth was poorly lit, with only the white lights shining through the two-way mirror making up the monitor screen serving as a significant light source, save for the Christmas-light flickerings of buttons, distinguishing themselves vaguely, like fireflies dancing in a static mating ecstasy. Rona Casper was looking straight ahead into the monitoring room. She had been thinking about time and the concept of time in regards to the experiment at hand. The air on the other side of the screen was thick and visibly gelatinous, a cubist work degenerating into a slow, molasses-like liquifying chaos. Columns of visible distortion marring the centers of the room with vague shapes dissolving in the centers had suspended themselves in a seeming stasis, silent and unmoving though one felt as they gazed upon them, they were continually changing though one could never be quite sure just how they were changing and in what ways. Glares of translucent silver from the walls, the industrialized floor and ceiling, the grates and ventilation chambers, drained the possibility of other colors, as if they had wiped out as if by genocide of the totalitarian grayscale of the setting. The cold, dark silver that seemed to absorb the light rather than reflect it gave off the aura of defeat and oppression.

In the center of the room, however, in the heart of distorted mass was the test subject, a man of thirty-six years sitting at a desk that was once placed in the center of the room. For the duration of the experiment, he'd still be sitting at the desk, in a kind of catatonic state. His eyes would probably gaped out and frozen and how they had not dried out under normal circumstances was not yet discovered. They would perhaps find out while sorting out the details of the experiment once results were about to be yielded though it was certainly not the primary goal of the experiment.

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