Sep. 2nd, 2005


Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:52 am
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Eeep....should really be asleep...but...

[profile] _wirehead_ has entrusted me with the next topic, so...

So after re-reading "V for Vendetta" in bed when I should really be asleep, and hoping that they don't butcher the movie as much as Alan Moore seems to think they have, I'm gonna go with:


as the next topic....order in chaos, chaos in order, just one or the other, both, whichever works for you...

***And remember, *DEADLINE* is 2 four letter words...Friday 9th, Midnight GMT.***

And while I'm on the subject of "whatever works for you", I reckon some sort of poll is called for at this juncture...


Do you think a week is not long enough/too long for posting something?
What do you think of the topics so far? Inspiring? Lame? So-so?
I'm assuming everyone will get a "turn" to suggest the next topic, and maybe some sort of rotation will be officially organised, but for now, just general comments on the community I reckon, and how you think it should/could work better..
And finally, is black the new pink?

OK, disregard the last one (sleep deprivation is my excuse)...otherwise, c'mon, we need the 2 cents here people...the relative silence is deafening so far...
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aite, i missed two times already. i had something for time but did not like it (mspaint was not sufficient) and i didn't know the jade one existed at all! ._. so here is some silly.

order chaos )
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All right. I apologize as I even made a vow to be prompt, so instead of providing excuses (if you poke through my journal, you won't find a necessarily "good" excuse but hopefully at least an interesting one) and promise that the next one with the theme of ORDER/CHAOS won't nearly be as late (I'll post it early to be sure).

I will state that originally, I wanted to post something small, maybe a vague attempt at poetry or prose or something and maybe construct a story stemming from the first one I posted by dictating the progression of the story increment by increment using the topics each week. I may still do that, using the ORDER/CHAOS (unless encouraged otherwise??). Anyway, without further ado, my belated Jade...

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