Oct. 4th, 2005

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Argh, the slackitude is strong in this one...seems like I'm not alone in that though, eh? Eh?

No submissions for "HATRED"? Not even one? Is everybody too full of sunshine and puppies and warm fuzziness? Damn hippies...

Maybe it's just that time of year again...either way, I will be attempting to catch up over the next week or two, and actually finish off, or in one case, actually *start*, submissions for the last few topics.


C'mon people, shame me with your productivity...pretty please?



(As suggested by [profile] groundless: incidentally, everybody should feel free to keep the topic suggestions coming, just so I can't be *completely* blamed if people don't like the topics ;P)

DEADLINE: Monday Oct 10th, Midnight GMT
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- No Better than me -

Do you think I am so meek
that I curl up in your hands
Don't worry, I am as two faced as you,
I could lie you out of town,
Don't touch me, you make me cold,
Thinking I am innocent,
I was corrupted years ago..
Before you even knew me.
That's right, walk away,
you shake your head so much
it should fall off.
Don't pity me I don't need it.
I'm not lost just meandering,
Don't lie to me,
I know you better than you know yourself,
I know how you think.
You are no better than me,
a rat amongst the pigeons,
creeping slowly, slinking away,
a coward without a heart,
leaving me to my rambling,
I don't need you,
I am not meek
And I will not curl up in your hand!
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I am a prisoner of my dreams
Tormented by visions or memories
Wed to the banal ennui
Of craving love like everyone else

I do not want to be possessed or consumed
I want a lover who is excellent in every way
Who loves me without needing anything from me
Is that asking too much?
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Ok. I DID mean to send this earlier. But then I lost my voice due to getting a nasty cold and dedicated the time that WASN'T at work to sleeping and thus, didn't have the chance to send this earlier. I will admit I had trouble with this one, mostly because hatred, I think, tends me to a complex emotion; not the opposite of love but something different than rage and frustration, which in my experience, I see people confusing all the time. Granted those two are probably the gateways into that emotion... anyway, without further ado, HATRED. And shortly after this... craving...

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