Feb. 28th, 2007

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Hey guys

It`s been really silent here... maybe we took the trigger-word silence too literally ... ?
I`ve been thinking of writing a lot lately and attempted stuff for the old themes, but hm, couldn`t really stick to anything.

Now I have taken on a project, that I want to invite you to.

Some people of a homepage I regularily read are publishing a fiction anthology later this year. The theme is essentially, "What if everyone knew how they were going to die?"

Two things notable about this book --

1. Submissions are open to everyone, everywhere, and authors will be paid if their work is chosen.

2. In addition to the printed book, the manuscript will be released online under Creative Commons. (An eventual audiobook will be CC too.)

They're relying on the fact that their theme is pretty particular, and authors probably won't be able to go on to sell their Machine of Death story by their own, to convince everyone that it's in their best interest to spread the material around (free, natch) as much as possible.

Aaaaanyway read the instructions .
I think its an inspiring theme and even if your story isn`t taken, it will be chalanging to write it... and maybe you want to stick it on here to lifen this community up a little ...



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