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Ok we'll post this again and hope it gets through properly now Storm of Grief )
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In response to GothicFurby: New topic!

Now what should it be... Umm... I know! "The Damn Lab Coat is Too Short," in honor of this stupid lab coat I have to wear now that's made for someone about a foot and a half shorter than I.
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inches apart, we meet in dreams
in phantom touches unravel seams
bare honesty, unrestrained, "see how this is me"
come closer, come closer
come hither now queen
come dine of milk and honey
come bathe in untamed streams
come taste of fruit forbidden
come take away the sting
that the mask you force on daily
and with foreign codes forsaken,


Oct. 8th, 2005 11:00 pm
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This one was fun. I consider this piece a lurid tribute to J.G. Ballard. Enjoy.

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Oct. 5th, 2005 01:30 pm
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just a little,
not that much,
a fleeting caress
nothing more
let me look
let me see
trace a line
trace the need
lick my lips
taste the edge,
gentle brushes
fingers light,
burn within,
hold it down,
fight the urge,
don't give in,
don't you feel it,
don't you breathe it,
cravings got you,
too late now.
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Ok. I DID mean to send this earlier. But then I lost my voice due to getting a nasty cold and dedicated the time that WASN'T at work to sleeping and thus, didn't have the chance to send this earlier. I will admit I had trouble with this one, mostly because hatred, I think, tends me to a complex emotion; not the opposite of love but something different than rage and frustration, which in my experience, I see people confusing all the time. Granted those two are probably the gateways into that emotion... anyway, without further ado, HATRED. And shortly after this... craving...

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I am a prisoner of my dreams
Tormented by visions or memories
Wed to the banal ennui
Of craving love like everyone else

I do not want to be possessed or consumed
I want a lover who is excellent in every way
Who loves me without needing anything from me
Is that asking too much?
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- No Better than me -

Do you think I am so meek
that I curl up in your hands
Don't worry, I am as two faced as you,
I could lie you out of town,
Don't touch me, you make me cold,
Thinking I am innocent,
I was corrupted years ago..
Before you even knew me.
That's right, walk away,
you shake your head so much
it should fall off.
Don't pity me I don't need it.
I'm not lost just meandering,
Don't lie to me,
I know you better than you know yourself,
I know how you think.
You are no better than me,
a rat amongst the pigeons,
creeping slowly, slinking away,
a coward without a heart,
leaving me to my rambling,
I don't need you,
I am not meek
And I will not curl up in your hand!
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Argh, the slackitude is strong in this one...seems like I'm not alone in that though, eh? Eh?

No submissions for "HATRED"? Not even one? Is everybody too full of sunshine and puppies and warm fuzziness? Damn hippies...

Maybe it's just that time of year again...either way, I will be attempting to catch up over the next week or two, and actually finish off, or in one case, actually *start*, submissions for the last few topics.


C'mon people, shame me with your productivity...pretty please?



(As suggested by [profile] groundless: incidentally, everybody should feel free to keep the topic suggestions coming, just so I can't be *completely* blamed if people don't like the topics ;P)

DEADLINE: Monday Oct 10th, Midnight GMT
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Erm...yes, I'm a bad LJ-comm moderator...no biscuit for me.

Apologies for the tardiness, not only with the new topic, but also with my utter failure to submit for the last 2 (maybe 3? - eek) topics - I do have at least 2 "vaguely" finished pieces for "Insomnia" and "Seven Deadly Sins", but it's hard being a lazy perfectionist...mostly lazy though, combined with a certain level of intrusion from "real life".

But hey, you don't need to hear my excuses - moving on, the next topic is:


Yup...cheerful, c'est moi. Puppies and sunshine, etc.

Blame Henry Rollins for reminding me of the phrase "a hate that was pure as sunshine, a hate that saw for miles..."



Because I'm a big lazy smelly poo-head slacker, and [profile] _wirehead_ actually has a life and all, I'm gonna invite suggestions for future topics from anyone who feels like it...

This doesn't necessarily mean that they *will* be used, or if so, *when*, but it might expedite things slightly - also, there's still a few lurkers in [community profile] modnar_art who might have just been waiting for better topics to present themselves...who knows?

So...deadline for "HATRED" is Monday, October 3rd, midnight GMT (jeebus, nearly October already, where's the year gone...?)
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Because i'm incredibly lazy, you all get something i did for my large format photo class a few years back. It was really more about self-portraits than the sins themselves, which my prof didn't get and gave me a poor grade for "lack of vision."


Why is it that everyone remembers the seven deadly sins (except, of course, for the one that you can never remember and therefore suffer from), but no one can remember the seven corresponding virtues?
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Lots of appologies for being really , really late .
The problem I had with this topic was not the lack of inspiration , but former the irony within that I`m an insomniac myself (as you can see) and therefore I found it really hard not to write in a style, which was too personal and that`s quite difficult when you spent all night unable to concentrate on the tiniest thing, coz there should have been more sleep... So , don`t know if there was any success...

His eyes were fixed on the screen. He didn`t know anymore, how many nights he had spent in front of it. The machine was fucked. Twentie-five years by now. Unbelievable, but true and for him there was no way for substitution. He had to live with it, whether he wanted or not.
During the day it seemed to be OK, went crazy from time to time, though most of the work could be done. But whenever he had in mind to shut it down, it went berserk. The Computer started to revolt against him, as if it knew that the next rest could be it`s last.
When he came near the power-button a familiar, crackling noise appeared and - *ping* *ping* *ping* - all the programmes reactivated themselves in strict rotation :

At first Winamp, which he tried to close since three years, would turn up the volume till there was no sound, but the deafening, high-speed rhythms of some random Heavy Metal band.
Hereupon Word would appear, several times, with texts it refused to him to complete before. Letters, summaries , compositions, employment reports, stories and poems, posts supposed to be in the web by the time , ...
But whenever he should make an attempt to finish one of those, an other one would magically pop up in front of it.
The "To-Do"-list was next, followed by calendar and his "Trigger"-list. By the time he wanted to use them during day, they were not to be found within all the files, which he never has been able to delete during the years and there was more than one "Oh my God" audible from his lips, when he came across forgotten things.
And as the memory section seemed to be touched a flood of information seemed to find their way through the system. News, histories and biographies, stories and books he had read in the internet, recently downloaded programmes, which he hadn`t even been able to install correctly , , because the Hardrive had sucked it into it-s depths, even unequal relevant stuff from school, which had overwintered 7 years - presentations, scientific researches, vocabulary, ...
Following the factual mementos the personal ones would emerge.- Chat-recollections and posts of cyber-friends with stories , long and short, merry and lachrymose, helpful and solutionless, most of them sadly unfinished and hopeless.
Ultimately the last programme, which harried him the most, would start to fill the screen and even cover most of the other chaos.
Pictures. Imagary, inexplicably deap-seated unto the shallows of the micro-cells, willing to haunt the faceplate every single night. Some of them looked familiar. There were shots of his family, friends, acquaintances, even pets and the critters of neighbours. But most of them he wasn`t able to asign to something and those were the most disturbing .
Where did he get those omnious images? How came it, that there was so much injustice, violence, death, melancholy, sadness , desparation and fear... ? Why were they unquenchable? Why ... why ... where, who , why .... why , why , WHY ???

Secretly , he knew the answer, but he tried to avoid digging out the sleeping virus. And so, another night was spent in unsuccessful attempt of erasure in hope that there might loom a possibility to get a grip on the insanity of this machine called - brain.
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It's funny. I figured that with a topic like the seven deadly sins, that the top favorite of them would be "lust" with "wrath" coming to a close second. So I decided to pick "sloth" since it seemed the most underrated and maybe I could do something interesting with it. Regardless, here's the deadly sin of my choice, a small piece inspired by "sloth."

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I'ma new here, s'true, but try this on for size:

Seven Deadly Sins )


Sep. 16th, 2005 04:18 pm
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I was intending this to be more but it may be fine how it is so far. Hard to say but regardless...

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Sep. 12th, 2005 11:06 am
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until i have access to my scanner/photographs/etc again, i likely won't be posting here terribly much. but, having seen the topic for this week, i realise i have a number of barely-started stories, songs, or poems on this theme. most of them suck. but while digging through them, i found a text file with just this sentence in it and thought i'd share:

I awoke from the dream of wolves again.


Sep. 12th, 2005 03:15 am
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my brain misses dreaming
and plays out stories
before ever-open eyes
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I know it's late, but I've been really busy lately (I know, lame excuse.) Anyway, here is my piece for order/chaos. The idea just kind of popped into my head the other day. It's actually the beginning of a short story, so it ends rather abruptly. Hopefully I will finish it soon. Looks like this site just might get my creative juices flowing after all.=)

Patterns )
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insomnia - don't suffer from it.. fortunately but here's my attempt at it.

in dreams )
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