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... shall be a trigger word, for it seems suitable.
Timeframe ? I think end of the month, or even after should do.
Are yous still alive ?
Something I wrote for a writers blog a while ago )


Mar. 8th, 2008 07:44 pm
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So much to my own promises ...
Had painted this just the week after I stuck up the last post, but been too lazy to load it up .... d`oh

anyway this is my 2008 )


Jan. 13th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Happy new year to you all!
I wonder if this community is dead ... ?
This is why I want to give a new trigger and hope to get some responses.

Let it be 2008


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:14 pm
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So. Woke this morning , wanted to do something.
Thought I haven`t looked into this community for a while.
Checked old trigger words.
Found I hadn`t done anything for silence .
Grabbed some paints and started.
I have not a lot of experience with oils and I don`t particularily like it. I just wanted to do something productive and without practise its not gonna get any better ....
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Is the rest of the community still alive ?
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Hey guys

It`s been really silent here... maybe we took the trigger-word silence too literally ... ?
I`ve been thinking of writing a lot lately and attempted stuff for the old themes, but hm, couldn`t really stick to anything.

Now I have taken on a project, that I want to invite you to.

Some people of a homepage I regularily read are publishing a fiction anthology later this year. The theme is essentially, "What if everyone knew how they were going to die?"

Two things notable about this book --

1. Submissions are open to everyone, everywhere, and authors will be paid if their work is chosen.

2. In addition to the printed book, the manuscript will be released online under Creative Commons. (An eventual audiobook will be CC too.)

They're relying on the fact that their theme is pretty particular, and authors probably won't be able to go on to sell their Machine of Death story by their own, to convince everyone that it's in their best interest to spread the material around (free, natch) as much as possible.

Aaaaanyway read the instructions .
I think its an inspiring theme and even if your story isn`t taken, it will be chalanging to write it... and maybe you want to stick it on here to lifen this community up a little ...
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Long long time ago, there was the triggerword winter

Peresphones` song )
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Just wrote this.. been kind of off form for months.. but DM have re invigorated me..

in me )
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*yay* finally , after being uncreative in that way for so long *SHAMEONME* , I really came around to write something to the trigger from Dezember ... em , yeah , look how fast she is ... anyway , may I present: Ele , a new fellow in Nodisworld and her dodgy poem about the day, she went mental )
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OK, been very quiet round these parts lately, and I know I haven't exactly been uber-prolific myself, but hey, I expect better from other people... ;P

New Topic:


(that gives you at least 4 valid choices and a bad Luc Besson film reference, by my count...)

DEADLINE: umm, I guess "whenever" would be good considering the last few topics, but sometime this year would be nice ;P


I should point out that this topic was suggested by [profile] ickle_tayto - apologies for lack of credit in original post, I was tired...not to mention amazed that I remembered anything anyone said to me in the circumstances....(hic) ;P

The bad jokes are all mine, though...


Nov. 29th, 2005 08:11 pm
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Pinched this from my old stash cause I can't think of anything about winter right now:

~ Untitled ~

The snow whirled round her, as she turned and spinned and laughed..
And they said in my head "Your Snow Queen"
And I whispered back "My Snow Queen",

But I couldn't say it aloud, for fear that she would turn and laugh at me,
and say, "But I am not yours",

I watched her dance,
And I must have said it out, spoken the words,
for she turned, a slight frown on her face, and spoke,
and said : But I am no Queen.
I smiled at her and shook my head,

"No, my Princess".
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Hrm, at least I'm not the only one who's been slacking around these parts, but that's probably not much of an excuse...

So...NaNoWriMo types don't have that as an excuse any more ;P, so I'm hoping there'll be a sudden resurgence in activity on all things [community profile] modnar_art...

Anyhoo, new topic, for the season that's in it and all, is:


Deadline - Tuesday 6th December, Midnight GMT


Nov. 24th, 2005 11:20 am
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*looks at mods*

I know it's thanksgiving in the states.. but whats your excuse [profile] mr_endon.. new topic mais e do thoil e..

ta. v. much


Nov. 12th, 2005 04:36 am
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Eeek, all quiet on the Modnar Front lately, it seems - I'm guessing a lot of people are busy with NaNoWriMo, among other things, and possibly lots of us are just slackers...I know I am...

In light of this, I think the new topic (assuming anyone even notices ;P) will be:


DEADLINE: Friday November 19th, Midnight GMT


Nov. 3rd, 2005 07:00 am
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New topic on the way soon, I hope; in the meantime, continuing my constant struggle to catch up, this is my effort for "SERPENT"...

Ouroboros )
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OK, so, *a bit* later than expected....here's my attempt at "Order/Chaos" - still very much a work in progress, but what the hell...

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OK, so to avoid a beating from fellow mod [profile] _wirehead_ - especially now that she's a bad-ass New Yorker and all ;p - and to placate some of the, ahem, "over-eager", element ([profile] gothicfurby, I'm looking at you...) :p



DEADLINE: Friday, 28th October (Midnight GMT)

And a quick confession: I've been an awful slacker over the last few topics, which I intend to rectify soon, and hopefully even catch up and post the ones I missed (which I generally did have "something" for, just not anything I felt happy about submitting...)

In case anyone's wondering about the choice of topic, hey, fucked if I know, just popped into my head - maybe I've get some Freudian thing going on at the moment...maybe we'll find out. ;p
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you, a wizard,
harsh, imposing,
start this storm in me
across my sun you call the clouds
that rage and rage and rain
for days I've weathered this
a numbing flood and dark
so dark the waters overflow
spill out in supplication
cold, I am so cold now
Won't you make it stop?
Won't you make it stop?
Won't you make it stop?
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Just as the header says. I figured I'd combine both topics into the same piece and see what happens.

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